Thermo Float Underwear

The unreal is real! The new time floating clothes!


Thermo Float Underwear has high buoyancy and is very warm, smooth and incredibly lightweight. For anyone staying at or near the open or frozen water. The garments are highly effective breathable. That is, the condensation and moisture goes into the outer garment.
Thermo Float Underwear works great as warm thermal underwear in all contexts. Optimal use of Thermo Float Underwear is always first assume a thin undershirt (or t-shirt) then Float Underwear vest or sweater.
The user chooses which coats it wants outside depending on the activity - such as skating, snowmobiling, fishing, net fishing, canoe, boat, sailing, under dry suits and waders. etc.


Float Underwear, flytunderställ


Thermo Float Underwear each have sufficient high buoyancy regardless of outerwear used. To delay cooling in cold water is recommended to have both thermal floating lining and thermal floating inner shirt or thermal floating inner west. Have you fallen into the water, it is much easier to get up with these float underwear compared to normal clothes and they will keep floating on the garments as they begin to heat when you come up from the water.


Thermo Float Underwear can be handled in water just as you want. It moves and swims freely in all positions. Children and non-swimmers can in some situations complete with a lifejacket or inflatable vest.
In order to be able to feel safe and secure with Float Underwear function, we recommend everyone to try them in water as soon as the opportunity arises.


A person manage very short time in cold water. Thermo Float Underwear works much like a wetsuit and significantly increases the chances of survival in cold water.


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Float Underwear - thermo flytinnertröja

Float Underwear - Thermo float inner shirt

A very warm, easy wearing thermo Float Underwear from Thermotic with...

Price: 1 590 SEK

Float Underwear - thermo flytinnerväst

Float Underwear - Thermo float inner vest

A very warm, easy wearing thermo Float Underwear inner vest from Thermotic with...

Price: 1 390 SEK

Float Underwear - thermo flytinnerbyxa

Float Underwear - Thermo float inner lining

A very warm, easy wearing thermo Float Underwear from Thermotic with...

Price: 1 390 SEK testing have tested Float Underwear.
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